Mobile Billboards in Binghamton & Utica Highlight Tenney’s Votes For Health Care Sabotage & TrumpTax


Stops At Fourth Of July Celebrations & Boilermaker To Remind Residents Of Claudia Tenney’s Votes Against Their Best Interests

BINGHAMTON — Speak Out Central New York announced today that mobile billboards will make stops at two major events in Claudia Tenney’s district this week, reminding Binghamton and Utica residents that Tenney voted to give massive tax breaks to the rich, and to take health care away from thousands of her own constituents.

The billboards both carry the same message – “Claudia Tenney voted to take away affordable health care and give big tax breaks to the rich” – and will stop in Endwell (just outside Binghamton) during Fourth of July festivities on Wednesday and in Utica for the Boilermaker race on Sunday.

The billboards will remind attendees of both events (which draw tens of thousands of people) that Tenney habitually and consistently votes to serve the Republican party’s agenda, regardless of its impact on her own constituents. The billboards also come to the region amidst a month-long, six-figure advertising blitz led by Speak Out Central New York, with a television ad featuring a mother from Windsor who shares her story of how Tenney’s votes have endangered her ability to afford health care for her children.

Last May, Tenney voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would’ve stripped insurance coverage from 23 million Americans and 37,000 people in her district. In December, she then voted to pass the TrumpTax, a $1.5 trillion tax break that gave more than 80 percent of its benefits to the richest one percent of the country. As a result of the TrumpTax, New Yorkers’ taxes will increase by $2.4 billion in 2019, and 2.4 million New Yorkers won’t get a tax cut at all.

The TrumpTax also repealed the ACA’s individual mandate, which prompted New York insurers to request rate hikes of as much as 38.6 percent for 2019, with an average increase for individuals of $572. Tenney voted for the TrumpTax despite a nationwide warning from health care experts – later confirmed by President Trump’s own former Health and Human Services Secretary – that the loss of the individual mandate would mean massive spikes for insurance premiums.