New TV Ad Slams Tenney’s Votes That Endanger Health Care For Millions With Pre-Existing Conditions


Monthlong Run Will Remind Tenney’s Constituents That She Voted To Take Health Care Away From 23 Million Americans And 37,000 Of Her Own Constituents

BINGHAMTON —  Speak Out Central New York today launched a monthlong, six-figure ad buy targeting Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s votes to repeal and sabotage the Affordable Care Act, emphasizing the damage her votes have done to working families who rely on affordable insurance to care for their preexisting conditions.

The ad features a mother from Windsor, NY, relating how Tenney’s vote to repeal the ACA could have endangered her ability to afford health care for her children:

“My kids both suffer from chronic conditions, and I was never able to afford health care for myself. Finally getting access to coverage was a huge relief, knowing all of us are fully insured and getting the care that we need,” says Melissa, a mother from Windsor and a constituent of Claudia Tenney’s. “So it was really personal to me when Claudia Tenney voted to repeal our health care. Why would she do that? Who does that help? Because it’s sure not us. That’s my kids’ health. That’s my ability to pay the bills. Without it, I’d go broke.”

The ad will run from today through the end of July, across the Binghamton market and supporting cable channels.

Tenney voted to repeal the ACA in May 2017, which would have stripped away health care for more than 23 million Americans, including 37,000 of her own constituents. Later, she voted to pass the TrumpTax, which – in addition to giving the richest fraction of the country a $1.5 trillion tax break – repealed the ACA’s individual mandate and is now driving double-digit insurance premium hikes for New Yorkers. In addition, a coalition of Republican-led states is now attempting to use the individual mandate repeal to undermine other critical patient protections, leaving nearly 600,000 Central New Yorkers with pre-existing conditions at risk of losing their coverage.

The new buy comes amid a massive, region-wide push to remind area residents how Tenney has attempted – sometimes successfully – to sabotage American health care. This is the latest of several ads run by Speak Out Central New York across both Tenney’s and Congressman John Katko’s districts, featuring Central New Yorkers demanding an explanation for Tenney’s and Katko’s votes to pass the TrumpTax and endanger health care for their own constituents.

This week, Speak Out Central New York unveiled a brand new billboard near Katko’s Syracuse district office, reminding commuters that Katko voted to raise New Yorkers’ taxes by $2.4 billion in 2019 with his vote for the TrumpTax and coinciding with a major digital advertising purchase across the region.

Watch the full ad here: