Tax Chicken Stops by Katko’s Auburn District Office



Stop Comes One Day After Former HHS Secy. Admits TrumpTax’s Repeal Of Individual Mandate Will Drive Up Insurance Costs

*Role of Congressman Katko Played by a Life-Size Cutout

AUBURN — Speak Out Central New York’s Trump Tax Chicken and John Katko* stopped outside the Congressman’s office in Auburn today, the second stop in an ongoing district-wide tour to remind voters that Katko voted for the TrumpTax that will hurt working Central New Yorkers in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy and big corporations.

“We’re not buying what Congressman Katko is trying to sell us; we know the TrumpTax is nothing more than a massive bundle of tax breaks for the mega rich, and we know it because we can already see that the only people benefitting from it are shareholders and executives of wealthy corporations,” said Jordan Harcleroad of the SUNY Oswego Young Democrats. “Katko’s just too chicken to admit that he voted for a bill that’s good for his campaign donors and not working people. He continues to lie to Central New Yorkers about the impact of this tax scam, even though we already know none of it is true.”

The stop comes just one day after President Trump’s former Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price admitted that the TrumpTax’s repeal of the individual mandate is going to drive up insurance costs. On the same day, a new report from The Commonwealth Fund showed the uninsured rate is rising nationwide as a direct result of going Republican attempts to undermine healthcare, with 4 million more people uninsured since 2016.

Since the bill passed, Katko has repeatedly claimed it is raising wages for New Yorkers, even though that’s completely untrue. New Yorkers are expected to owe an extra $2.4 billion in taxes in 2019 alone, and corporations are funneling the vast majority of their tax savings right into the pockets of shareholders and executives – at 39 times the rate they’re passing them on to workers.

The Tax Chicken’s tour will continue for another month, including stops at each of Katko’s offices to remind voters around the district that Katko is too chicken to be honest with his own constituents.

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