Tax Chicken Stops at Tenney’s New Hartford Office


Tax Chicken Continues Central New York Tour To Show Voters The Devastating Impacts Of Tenney’s Support For The TrumpTax

After TrumpTax Repeal Of Individual Mandate, CBO Estimates35 Million Will Be Uninsured By 2027, Premiums To Rise By Double-Digits Next Year

UTICA — Speak Out Central New York’s Trump Tax Chicken stopped outside Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s New Hartford office today, the second in the Chicken’s tour to remind voters that Tenney voted for the TrumpTax even though it will raise Central New Yorkers’ taxes and and health care premiums while funneling nearly all of its benefits to the wealthy and big corporations.

“Congresswoman Tenney decided to sell out her district to offer her rich campaign donors a $1.5 trillion tax break, and it’s a slap in the face to the Central New Yorkers she is supposed to represent,” said John Furman, leader of Central New York Citizen Action. “Tenney’s too chicken to come clean and admit her vote was entirely about rewarding the rich, and that the billions in tax breaks for her corporate donors are going to come at the expense of her own constituents’ economic stability and health care.”

Tenney’s vote for the TrumpTax will actually raise New Yorkers’ taxes by an estimated $2.4 billion just in 2019, and 2.4 million New Yorkers won’t get a tax cut at all. Meanwhile, rich corporations are using their billions in savings to buy back stock and reward shareholders and executives at 65 times the ratethey’re spending money on worker raises or bonuses. Just 4.2 percent of workers are getting bonuses or raises, while 141,244 private-sector job cuts have been announced just since the Republican tax scam was passed.

The TrumpTax also repealed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, which even former members of the Trump administration admitis going to dramatically increase insurance costs nationwide (and continue the ongoing rise in Americans living uninsuredsince Republicans – including Tenney – began sabotaging the ACA last year). According to a brand new estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, the repeal of the individual mandate, coupled with the rest of Congressional Republicans’ ongoing efforts to sabotage health care, will cause 35 million Americans to be uninsured by 2027, and raise premiums by double digits in 2019.

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