Statement In Response To Unprecedented Health Care Sabotage


Congressmembers John Katko And Claudia Tenney Supported This Latest Assault On Health Care With Votes To Pass TrumpTax And Repeal Individual Mandate

SYRACUSE —  Speak Out Central New York released the following statement today in response to the Trump administration’s unprecedented decision not to defend the Affordable Care Act in federal court, potentially allowing insurers to once again deny coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions:

“This latest morally reprehensible attack on our health care is only possible because of Republican Congressmembers like John Katko and Claudia Tenney, who voted to pass the TrumpTax and repeal the individual mandate. The Trump administration’s decision to support this lawsuit could make it possible for insurance companies to once again deny care to the 585,600 patients in Tenney’s and Katko’s districts who suffer from pre-existing conditions, putting these Central New Yorkers at risk of financial ruin or even death.

“For all his posturing about protecting the Affordable Care Act from a repeal last year, Katko happily voted for the TrumpTax and paved the way for this catastrophic attempt to undermine American health care. If he truly believes health care is a right, and his constituents should not lose access to affordable health services, he should immediately condemn this inhumane and callous act of sabotage. As for Claudia Tenney, who already tried to rip away healthcare from 23 million Americans last year, this news is simply the realization of her ongoing campaign to destroy health care for her own constituents.

“We call on both Tenney and Katko to immediately condemn this senseless attack, which will singularly punish the most vulnerable Central New Yorkers, and which would have been impossible without both members’ support for Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax break giveaway to the rich.”