Speak Out CNY Takes DeLorean Time Machine Back to the Future


Congressman John Katko* Plays Role Of Mad Scientist Doc Brown

SYRACUSE — Speak Out Central New York and its allies on Friday helped Central New Yorkers travel into the future – with the help of a DeLorean time machine – to 2027, when the TrumpTax and the ongoing efforts of Republicans like Congressman John Katko to sabotage healthcare will leave millions of New Yorkers uninsured and broke, facing sky high tax bills and exorbitant insurance premiums that leave them with no choice but to go uninsured.

“By the time John Katko is done stacking the deck against us, Central New Yorkers are going to need a time machine to get out of the mess he’s making,” said Joe Driscoll, Syracuse Common Councilman and Speak Out CNY Advisory Board Member. “By passing bills like the TrumpTax, Republicans in Congress are continuing to line the pockets of their rich campaign donors and big corporations, while guaranteeing that working families face completely unrealistic tax burdens and impossibly high health insurance premiums.”

Katko – who attended the event in cardboard form – voted to pass the TrumpTax in December, which repealed the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act and is predicted to raise healthcare premiums dramatically and lead to millions of additional uninsured Americans. Since Donald Trump took office, the uninsured rate has risen significantly in New York – after falling 4.8 percent in the years since the ACA took effect.

The TrumpTax itself is expected to cost New Yorkers $2.4 billion in tax hikes in 2019 alone. When the tax cuts for lower- and middle-class Americans expire in the 2020s, tax rates will rise dramatically for working Central New Yorkers, endangering their economic future and leaving only the richest fraction of the country with massive tax breaks.

“While some people might have called Doc Brown a mad scientist, John Katko is the one that’s truly mad for voting to cost more than 800,000 New Yorkers their health insurance, and to force insurers to dramatically increase premiums,” said Jessica Bumpus of Indivisible Syracuse. “Central New Yorkers won’t have the luxury of time travel to escape the reality that Katko is creating for us, and it’s time for him to start representing US, instead of his rich corporate donors.”

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Speak Out CNY is dedicated to educating and empowering Central New Yorkers through grassroots organizing, digital advocacy, and community partnerships. By advocating for policies that help working families make ends meet, we aim to encourage our members of Congress to protect our health care and work to expand economic opportunity.