Dozens of Families Send Open Letter to Katko for Father’s Day


Dozens Of Fathers And Families In Katko’s District Sign On And Condemn Katko’s Support For The TrumpTax 

Katko’s Vote To Pass Tax Scam Could Lead Courts To Allow Insurers To Deny Coverage For Nearly 300,000 Of Katko’s Own Constituents Who Suffer From Pre-Existing Conditions

ALBANY – In honor of Father’s Day, dozens of Central New York fathers and their families signed an open letter to Congressman John Katko, condemning his support for the TrumpTax and the ensuing health care sabotage perpetrated by Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration.

In the letter, the coalition of families zero in on Katko’s support of the  Republican tax scam and its catastrophic repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, which is already driving up insurance costs around the country – including double-digit premium hikes here in New York. As a direct result of the repeal, Republican-led states are also attempting to force the courts to dismantle other key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which would enable insurers to once again deny coverage to millions of Americans because of their medical history, including almost 300,000 of Katko’s own constituents.

Read the full letter below:

Dear Congressman Katko,

When you voted to pass the TrumpTax, you promised it would help working families, not hurt them. In fact, in an op-ed for the Post-Standard, you said you were “fighting in the best interest of Central New York” with your vote. “If this reform becomes law, the vast majority of Central New Yorkers will have more money in their pockets,” you wrote.

Your words don’t match up with the realities of living under this unabashed tax scam.

Just as every health care expert in the country warned you, including President Trump’s own former Health & Human Services Secretary, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is going to drive up our insurance premiums by an average of 24 percent. In fact, on average, individuals will pay $572 more for health insurance next year thanks to your vote for this bill. The price increase will be even higher for family plans. That’s hardly going to help us “have more money in our pockets.”

Now, your Republican colleagues around the country are trying to demolish other key health protections for our families, and would make it possible for insurers to once again deny us coverage because of pre-existing conditions. That means 296,600 of your own constituents could lose their health care and face crippling debt or even death in a medical emergency.

This bill wasn’t made with everyday people in mind, it was designed to provide the wealthiest one percent with massive tax breaks.  Your vote blew a $1.5 trillion hole in our deficit, while funneling more than 80 percent of the benefits to the wealthiest fraction of the country. Your vote directly endangered our ability to provide our families with the care they need to live happy, fulfilled lives.

For this Father’s Day, we are asking you to step up and defend us as our Congressmember. Stop chipping away at equal access to health care and commit to protecting the wellbeing of our families. Congressman Katko, it’s time you do your job, both as an elected official and as a fellow father, by working to keep our families, and our children, healthy. No more attacks on our health care.


  • The Bumpus- Alvarez family
  • The Minkoff-Zern family
  • The Auburn family, Jim and Mickey
  • The Gozen-Keck family
  • The Eiholzer family, Paul and Sue
  • The Schwenkes family, George and Janet
  • The Harrell family
  • The Goodfellow family
  • The Ashline family
  • The Dighe family, Ranjit and Ann
  • The Gilmore family
  • The Geddes family, Rich and Janice
  • The Shene family
  • The Goff family, Marshall and Gail
  • The Wilson family
  • The Greenberg family, Gerry and Patricia
  • The Lindenfeld family
  • The Shepherd family
  • The Jensen family
  • The Humphrey-Wilson family, Robert and Mary
  • The Ringwald family
  • The Vandermark family
  • The Familo family, John and Patty
  • The Denton family, Elaine and Matthew