800 Central New Yorkers Lost Their Jobs After Katko & Tenney Passed the TrumpTax


NYS Dept of Labor Numbers Reveal Zero Job Growth & Hundreds of Layoffs Despite Promises from Katko & Tenney

Katko & Tenney Congressional Districts Have Some of Highest Unemployment in New York State

SYRACUSE—Over 800 Central New Yorkers living in the congressional districts of Claudia Tenney and John Katko have been laid-off in the six months since the Republicans passed President Trump’s disastrous tax plan in December of 2017. According to a survey of the state Department of Labor notices and unemployment statistics, 476 New Yorkers have been laid off in Katko’s NY-24, and another 338 have been laid off in Tenney’s NY-22.

Speak Out Central New York’s research also found that unemployment rates across Central New York have either remained unchanged or, in most cases, continued to trend upward, while the region remains having some of the highest unemployment rates in New York.

Congressmembers Tenney and Katko – both staunch advocates of the TrumpTax – have publicly echoed President Trump’s claim that the plan would act as “rocket fuel” for the economy. Prior to the bill’s passage, Katko pitched the tax plan to constituents in his district, stating he “really believes that if we enact this tax reform, jobs will start coming back to New York State.” Tenney propagated the bill as a driver of economic growth, claiming “we are experiencing record job growth under President Trump and Republican leadership. Middle-income families will continue to see tax cuts and job growth.”

Moody’s and even conservative economists agree have noted that the immediate beneficiaries of corporate tax cuts would be shareholders—not working class Americans. This has proven true across the country, particularly here in Central New York.

Speak Out Central New York pulled layoff data from filings required under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act which paints a starkly different picture than that provided by Trump, Katko, and Tenney. To date, there have been 814 layoffs across the two congressional districts in Central New York:

Company in Congresswoman Tenney’s NY-22 # of Layoffs Company in Congressman Katko’s NY-24 # of Layoffs
Premier Aviation Overhaul Center 127 Sam’s Club 151
Conduent Education Services 121 Osmose Utility Services 101
Harden Furniture 90 Cayuga Home for Children in Auburn 119
    Expressmart Franchising Corp. 53
    Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation Therapy and Speech Services 52


Numbers from the New York State Department of Labor also support Speak Out Central New York’s findings, showing unemployment rates rising or staying flat in the area. In the Utica-Rome and Binghamton areas (in NY-22) the unemployment rates went up .1% from November of 2017 to 5.3 % and 5.4% respectively in April of 2018.

According to the most recent unemployment report by the New York State Department of Labor, when broken down by region, the Utica-Rome and Binghamton metro areas – both inside Tenney’s congressional district – have the 2ndand 3rd highest unemployment rates in all of New York State.

In addition to a growing unemployment rate, the Trump Tax is responsible for a colossal $2.2 trillion blow to the national deficit, the repeal of the individual mandate which will cause health insurance policies to surge, and tax hikes for hard-working Americans as the majority of tax relief from the bill’s $1.5 trillion corporate tax cut will go to the wealthiest Americans.